Flirt Review

 Flirt Review

Want To Flirt Away With Read This Flirt Review First

Flirt is a casual dating site that focuses on – you guessed it – Flirt! It’s a playful and fun community with a lot of positive buzz around it.

Flirt Review - Casual Dating Sites - Affair WebsitesFlirt is now available in The UK, The US, Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. If you come from other countries, check out some other casual dating sites here. There are many international communities waiting for you.

If you come from above mentioned countries, join Flirt if:

  • You love to Flirt (no00! it wasn’t obvious)
  • You are looking for younger people
  • You want to meet enthusiastic, cheerful, happy and open-minded people
  • You are looking for online fun before anything else

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Flirt review in numbers and other nerdy stuff

I’ll get a little bit technical here. Flirt is hit by a million people from the USA every month. Internationally this number reaches 3-4 million. There are 10% more men than women. Personals here are in average between 30 and 40 years of age, although you can find any age. One race that stands out is African American, but again, you will find people of all races. Many people are somewhat affluent and come from a household with at least one child. They are also without college. Enough? I think so. All this doesn’t tell me much. I won’t bother you with it. Continue reading my usual casual Flirt review.

Latisha’s experience on Flirt dating site

Flirt is a very different dating site. It is unique in a couple of ways. First of all, it’s the people you are going to meet there. Although there are some singles, you will find that there are many married couples.
And not only that. The people on Flirt are somewhat finer than what you meet on most dating sites. People that like to play games and don’t shy away from striking a conversation about anything. This makes it a very lively community.

Another thing that makes Flirt different is the very essence of this dating site. It’s obviously about flirting and seduction. But it’s actually more about online flirt. It gives you an opportunity to practice your verbal flirting skills in this great environment. You will not waste your time if you are looking for offline dates. There are just as many people who are here just to find a quick date, casual setup or similar.

Flirt doesn’t tolerate spam or abusive behavior. Unlike many other sites, these guys actually mean it. If you attempt to send too many messages, start bothering people or stalking someone, you will be kicked out sooner than you know it. Again, this makes the whole experience much better.

The size of this website is not very important, but it’s one of the busy places out there. Some numbers claim several million, you will have to see how many in your area.

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Yes, Flirt comes with a free trial. Premium is something like 20 dollars. Pretty much standard fee for casual dating sites.

Flirt Review Verified: Flirt is safe!

Is it safe to have an affair on Flirt?

By all means, Flirt is very affair friendly. You can either use your avatar (alternate persona) or hide with many privacy options. You can use Flirt as a perfect place for online affairs – sexy flirt and chat on video or in text. Or do this for as long as you want and when you feel comfortable, ask for more from your partner. Flirt is affairs certified!

I’m all about people here, but it really makes a difference when you meet a different crowd. If you have a chance join Flirt to see what am I talking about. There are many more cool people than what you are used to. And Flirt actually looks and feels somewhat romantic… Was it only my experience? Well, you will never know if you don’t try.

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If you are still not convinced I don’t want to push you, but I still feel sorry to see you missing out on this wonderful place… Well, check out some other affair web sites or millionaire dating sites. Be good and take care always!