Ashley Madison Reviews

Ashley Madison Reviews

Is Ashley Madison The Right Place For You?

Ashley Madison Reviews by Latisha Reviews

Ashley Madison

There are thousands of Ashley Madison reviews online. This one is written after years of experience on this affairs website. Like it or not, this is the biggest married dating community online.

Ashley Madison sells to people who are after marital affairs. You need to ask yourself: Are you looking for married personals? Do you want to find a mature affair partner online? Are you looking to meet that person offline? I’ll make it very easy for you. Look at the reasons why you should be on Ashley Madison today:

  • You want to check out the biggest affair website today.
  • You want to connect with active membership.
  • You want to find people who are married but dating.
  • You want to keep it confidential and play safe.
  • You want an easy way to find an affair.
  • You don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars in the process.

I don’t want to tell you too much. If you are serious about this, you will join Ashley Madison now – for free! And see for yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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Ashley Madison is the largest and the most active affair website today

There are well over three million active US members. International numbers are close to nine million today. Let’s just say that there are pretty good chances you will find hundreds, if not thousands of REAL potential affairs in your city!

I come from SF Bay Area and there are around nine thousand local matches in my neighborhood today. Not all of these are people that I want to meet. Many of them are not active anymore. Some are fake. Others are prostitutes and similar bunch. Ashley Madison is actually by far the cleanest dating site around. They don’t tolerate spammers and delete fake profiles pretty quickly. Browsing through the profiles I found hundreds of great guys that I could potentially contact. I have met two offline. They are very real and better than I expected. But we’ll talk about that some other time.

Ashley Madison Reviews - Ashley Madison Logo - Affair WebsitesI didn’t want to leave it on my own experience. For this Ashley Madison Review I’ve contacted 15 men and 15 women from this pool. They all agreed that they’ve been busy lately. All of them had at least one offline encounter with SF Bay members. Some of them found between two and five steady affairs that they keep alive.

Now compare that to other, much smaller affair websites, and you have a clear winner here. The second biggest affair website is ten times smaller! I’m not saying that quantity is everything, but it certainly helps. Having a better choice is great by itself and it saves your time.

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Ashley Madison has REAL married personals

If this is your thing, you are in luck. Many people choose to have an affair only with other married people. There is a solid argument in sharing the risk and responsibility. And there is the understanding part. It often saves them from drama. I don’t agree completely with this, but let’s stay on this Ashley Madison review for now.

The site is advertised as married personals and attracts this kind in huge numbers. It offers a number of features that can’t be found on mainstream dating websites. These are specifically serving married people. You will find it discreet and subtle as much as this adventure can be. You can hide your profile any time. You will not be disturbed if you set your options right. When you purchase credits, payments are processed with discretion and over number of cloaked gateways. There are no surprises – it’s all very straight forward.

Ashley Madison serves everyone

From the very beginning AM was open to all kinds of affair seekers. You can contact anyone you want – as long as they allow it. You can look for specific groups as well. Straight, gay, lesbian, attached or single people of all sorts. Everyone chooses what are they looking for so you can find people looking for long or short term affairs, online or offline affairs only. You can also set a number of intimate desires and match with people looking for that kink. The list goes on, and it yields different search results every time. I could go on about this for hours. There is a variety of options that you can use to narrow your search and find the person you want to meet.

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Ashley Madison is dirt cheap

When you are married and/or getting involved in an affair you want the best service possible. Doing this on a free website is plain stupid. Doing it on a paid site with monthly membership doesn’t work for most people. That’s why the best affairs site today has credits (tokens) system. This way when you purchase your credits you don’t have to hurry. You are in absolute control of your spending. You will not be billed monthly or re-billed without your approval. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love to play like this!

Premium members get all the features and the best chances to hook up – this is the same on all dating sites. I have stopped looking for free sites a long time ago. It just feels so good when you don’t have to waste your time. And the features you get make it almost impossible to fail to get together with someone.

On affair website, premium membership gives confidence to your partners. It shows that you are determined to have an affair. It indicates that you are committed and stable adult individual. And not only because you have money for something this cheap. It also means you are a real person. You are not a threat anymore. Everything changes when you spend a few dollars here. I strongly suggest you do.

The value of your credits varies from one package to another. For example, in the introductory package you will pay $0.49 for one credit. In the best package credits are half that much and it comes with warranty! (Read about this below.) You need five credits to contact one person. You are paying just to start the communication. You can continue for as long as you want. And you get billed only if that person answers!

Ashley Madison gives you 100% guarantee that you will have an affair

If you don’t – they’ll give you your money back! Unlike many other services these guys actually do this on your request. With all the features they give you, it’s already easy. But when you know there is absolutely no way you will waste money and time here – well, that’s just the easiest decision you will ever make!

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Ashley Madison in mainstream media

Ashley Madison was featured on various TV shows. They have commercials on cable, in magazines, newspapers… All this media attention is great for you. They must work much harder and keep the public trust. From their homepage: “The most recognized name in infidelity. As seen on Dr. Phil, Tyra, CNN, The View, Ellen, Larry King, Good Morning America. We are the most recognized and reputable extramarital affair company. Our married dating services work.” The point here is that they attract the regular crowd. Unlike many affair websites they have the finest people on site. Similar websites drive traffic from adult websites – often exclusively – and this kind of membership is not stable.

Ashley Madison Reviews around the Internet

Similar to what you are doing now, I did my research before I made my decision. I was warned a few times before joining this site two years ago. I can tell you from my experience now – they are many misleading Ashley Madison reviews. Written by people who have no clue! They have never been on this site. There are also many reviews written or paid by their competition. Don’t get discouraged by these. Try it for free and see if this is for you.

Some of the things I found mentioned as negative in other Ashley Madison reviews:

  • There are fake profiles – there are fake profiles on every dating site today. Some sites remove them better than the others – AM keeps their house fairly clean. There is also something they call Online hosts and Market researchers – a feature that you can turn off any time (Profile options). This is the only dating site that allows you to do this! And these are not even trying to look like legit profiles. I guess some people see them as fake profiles. Go to your options and flip the switch – they are gone!
  • Some sheeple complained that they have been billed without permission when their credits run out – another option that is OFF by default. You will not be billed if you leave it like that (Profile options). They chose themselves to be billed! Now complaining about it!? WTF!?
  • Finally, my favorite argument in negative Ashley Madison reviews – I haven’t found an affair as a free member – it’s a scam. All I can say to these people is good riddance. It’s a premium service for mature people. If you don’t want to pay pennies to find a perfect affair, you can go to Craigslist or a similar place. Good luck. As a woman I would never meet a man that can’t afford membership on this website. He is just too much of a liability.

It comes down to these three really. For the last time – Ashley Madison is a solid and honest service for people who know what are they looking for. Typical member appreciates the privacy and like – minded affair partners. What are you after?

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General Guide to Ashley Madison

I will probably write this as an ebook, or at least a longer post here. In the meantime follow these simple tips to get the most from your experience on Ashley Madison.

Write your profile! Don’t expect to be contacted if there is no information about you. This is the same for all dating sites. I can’t be bothered to ask a random nickname who are they and what are they looking for! That would be just silly. Beside that, empty profiles don’t show in advanced search. You are not going to get any attention if you don’t do this. If you are contacting me with empty profile page, I can’t possibly know what am I getting into. It looks like slacking. You look lazy and immature. It disrespects my time and insults me for my efforts. Finally, it can turn to be a waste of my money.

On an affair site information in your profile is crucial. People are much more careful here. They don’t answer anything that doesn’t look mature and responsible. They need to feel that they can trust you to proceed. Well, make sure to give it to them. Not with saying that! Simply write what are you looking for and why are you here. No, you don’t need to compromise your privacy! I’m not talking about giving away your private information. Describe your situation somewhat, you don’t need to go into private details and give away yourself. If you are not sure what to write, read some profiles first.

People with public profile pictures on Ashley Madison are single, in an open relationship, about to be single or prostitutes. If you don’t fall in these categories don’t put your mugshot there. You can describe yourself and give your pictures to your potential partner later. They have private showcase pictures. These are visible only to members you allow to entersafe and absolutely at your discretion. This protects you greatly. I’m sure you see why.

Don’t spam with short and shallow messages. This is again irresponsible and it can turn to be expensive (you pay for contacts here). Write a longer message. Put some effort into it. You don’t need to write essays, but make sure you say what are you about and why are you contacting that person. This kind of message works every time.

Ashley Madison Reviews: Golden Tips For Success on

Sending out messages to a dozen people at once is a good way to burn your credits. Spend some time reading profiles. Contact only people who already look promising. You will save your money and have greater success.

Don’t rush it – you will scare your partner and ruin your experience here. You want to be careful as much as she/he is. Take your time and make sure you can trust this person. By the time you feel like that, they will feel the same. I can’t tell you how long is enough, you will make the call when the time is right.

Another great feature and the last tip I’m going to give you in this Ashley Madison review is to read the feedback. Yes, you can leave feedback after you talk to members here. This will be a great time saver and motivation for you to show yourself in your best edition. Always use this precious tool! It makes all the difference. While it doesn’t help with new members, established ones always have some feedback on their profile.

Stop reading Ashley Madison reviews. Join the site and start exploring. It’s free to join and there are no obligations. You can drop the whole thing whenever you want. You will see that there is no better place to find an affair today. It’s beats looking for one offline. The rest of married affair sites are far behind it. I’m confident that you see why after reading this Ashley Madison review. I haven’t even mentioned all the great features, there are many more, but I don’t want to ruin it for you. Join Ashley Madison and find them yourself. Be careful at all times and enjoy yourself.

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Don’t waste another day of your life!

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