Adult Dating Sites

Adult Dating Sites – Sex And Drugs And Rock N Roll

Lies, Scams, Prostitutes And Why You Desperately Want To Be A Part Of It

Adult Dating Sites are perfect dating sites if you are looking for a quick hookup. Sex personals are some of the most controversial websites today. Their popularity is great and many people are joining every day. Behind the advertising bit there is a much darker picture of what appears to be your smoothest move into online dating. You want to get on this wave, but be warned it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Continue Reading.

Adult Dating Sites - Affair WebsitesWhere’s the party at?

Introducing Adult Friend Finder

AFF - Affair Websites - Adult Dating Sites - Adult Friend FinderUnless you’ve lived under a rock till now, you should have heard about the great AFF. It’s still the best bang for your buck and that won’t change anytime soon.

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It’s hard to resist offers to get connected with people who are looking for sex online. There seems to be a new adult dating site coming live every day. And they come in all languages and catering every naughty desire you can think of. Unfortunately, there are simply not that many people to date on these adult dating sites.

Many of these adult dating sites never come to life. Some of them get shut down, the others turn rogue and scam people to join with all sort of false promises. There are several adult dating sites that have only fake profiles. Finally, some of them employ prostitutes and operate as local sex trade fronts. Can you blame them? Well, it really depends on what are you looking for here.

Some points to consider before you even start looking for an adult dating site:

  • All adult dating sites are paid dating sites.
  • All adult dating sites have some sort of trickery going on – some are harmless, some are outright illegal operations.
  • All adult dating sites can be a potential danger for anyone who is naive and inexperienced.

I’ve been on this for years and trust me, there are only so many true adult dating sites today. You will learn quickly that only the oldest and the toughest stay in business. Let me explain why.

Adult dating sites operate in fierce competition. Backstabbing, reputation attacks, spamming and hacking are daily routine for them. It takes great experience and significant funding to stay in this game.

Why do you want to be on adult dating sites?

The focus of all adult dating sites is very narrow. There is not much more than simply looking for sex partners online. Some of them offer entertainment on site. Videos, video chat and premium adult shows are some of the features you will find on best adult dating sites. But the point of joining one for you is of course to find a date to meet offline.

Adult personals are still a great game to play. Even with all the dangers, you are still winning if you find people to meet. You will save a great amount of cash and time if you find a sex date. Some sites are more expensive than the other, but it is still a very low price for what you get in return.

Just imagine – you can skip the dating part completely! Contact and get hooked up online – meet to get down and dirty on your terms. How much can this save you? Hundreds of dollars where I live. And you don’t need to pretend that you want anything more than to have fun. People of all ages are looking for NSA sex on adult dating sites. There are people openly asking for all sorts of kinks. Now you can get in touch with them. It often only takes minutes before you get an answer on some adult dating sites.

Read on.

You will probably need to join several adult dating sites before you find where are people from your city/area dating. There are people looking for adult dates in your neighborhood, you just need to find them. I found that the best shot you have is to start on top of this list and work your way to smaller and niche adult dating sites if you don’t find enough people on bigger ones.

Where to start?



Friend Finder Networks (Penthouse)

Adult Friend Finder - Best Affair Websites - Adult Dating SitesSome brands are simply better than the others. When you are buying a car – provided that you can afford it – you are looking at top quality, excellent support and extended warranty, right? Well, when it comes to adult dating sites, Friend Finder Networks is the top dog. Their flagship Adult Friend Finder is a rock solid platform with unmatched authority and trust of millions of people online. There is no adult dating site that comes near it. And it doesn’t stop there.

Adult Friend Finder - Adult Dating Sites - Affair is an all-American-now-international adult dating giant of epic proportions. It is backed up with several other sites that keep pumping fresh adult personals to it’s core. When you join AFF, you are actually joining a huge network of adult dating sites – right at it’s source. You will not find anything similar – tens of thousands of people are joining the network every day and you will be right there to choose who you want to contact. It doesn’t get any better – talking about smooth moves, huh?

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Look at some of the sites that are in Friend Finder Networks – now all yours with only one membership of twenty bucks or so: - Adult Dating Sites

AFF - Adult Friend Finder - Adult Dating - Adult Dating Sites - Adult Dating Sites - Adult Dating Sites - Adult Dating Sites

And many, many more. You don’t need to do anything to reach members from these sites. They show in your search on Adult Friend Finder. I’m sure you already see that you are going to be really busy next few days, weeks, months

I could go on for hours about Adult Friend Finder. I’m deeply in love with it for years and it never let me down. It is hands down the best investment in online dating ever.

Are there any cons of joining AFF? Hell yeah! You already know that there is no perfection with adult dating sites. There are many old profiles on it. Some of them haven’t been online for months! I guess it’s not easy to remove all of them when you are working with so many people. And then there is always some bastard who slips through the filter and tries to spam members. Again, I understand this, but the company should work harder on it and do something about it. That’s pretty much all for the negative side of AFF. Not much, but there is room for improvement.

You really need to try your luck on Adult Friend Finder. I wrote a bit longer Adult Friend Finder review here. Your experience on it greatly depends on your location and goals. Don’t give up and don’t spam. Contact a few people and give them some time to answer. See how it goes from there. It is still your best bet in search for adult dating sites.

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AFF is the only truly international adult dating site. All the other sites below are accepting members only from a few countries. Pay attention to my notes next to each site. Keep reading.

Shagaholic - Adult Dating SitesShagaholic

Shagaholic is the second best adult dating site today. It’s big and active. Clean and safe. You can’t wish for much more. There is one thing that is limiting about it though. Shagaholic is open only for people from The UK, The US and Australia only. There are no personals from other countries on it. If you come from any other country you will waste your time trying to join it – give it a pass. Other than that, it’s a great site worth every penny for those that come from those selected countries.

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Just Hookup - Adult Dating SitesJust Hookup

Just Hookup was around for some time. It grew really big only recently. It’s catering North American (US and CA), British and Australian adult personals. Make sure to search and check if there are enough members from your region before you join.

Just Hookup is a fast and busy dating site. There are more younger people on it and slightly more women than what you usually find on adult dating sites. It’s very clean and it feels really stable and safe. Give it a try.

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Amateur Match - Adult Dating Sites - Affair SitesAmateur Match

Amateur Match comes from early days of adult dating online. There are millions of people on it. It’s welcoming Yanks, Canucks, Brits, Aussies and Kiwis. It’s a rock solid adult dating site and a good and honest business behind it. They will help you with everything you may need and solve any issue in record time. It is also one of the few sites that offer a really interesting bunch of people. In my experience there are slightly more intellectuals and mature people on it. Your impression may differ… You will know when you try it.

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Meet Locals - Adult Dating WebsitesMeet Locals

Meet Locals was a great hit a few years back. It is still a very busy place with unique twist on adult dating. They only offer local search. You can’t do much more than search and contact people in your area. That’s really all you need when on an adult dating site, right? Meet Locals comes with the most innovative slogan – “Go green. Date your neighbor.” You don’t want to waste your time with people who are too far or chatting your youth away with someone who is not up for it. Well, people on Meet Locals are into quick deals so go ahead and grab yours asap. Have fun.

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Fling - Adult Dating Site - Affair WebsitesFling

Fling is yet another old, old dog on this list. God knows how many people went through this smooth adult dating site. It almost looks like a romantic dating site before you join. You will learn it’s a quite different place when you get to know it. Fling is working with time-tested features and winning solutions. You will get only the best of everything here. One of the biggest user bases as well. You will not be left behind for sure.

Fling offers the best quality video on site. You will get to hide yourself when you need privacy and browse verified members as a premium member. It really is easy to get hooked up on Fling. See you there.

Join Fling – Click here!

More Adult Dating Sites – NSA and Hookup Sites

These are not as much “adult” on the cover, but they do play the same game. Often better and harder than adult dating sites. I have mentioned these many times, only because they are such great places. Check out these excellent casual dating sites:

Up For It  - NSA and Adult Dating SitesUp For It

Up For It says it all. Join only if you are up for adult dating fun. That pretty much clears the air right there. Everyone on Up For It are open for naughty dates. If you are looking to jump into action right away, you will like UpForIT. It’s a cheeky dating website like no other. It’s free to try it, so take your time and give it a shot. Enjoy yourself.

Jump to Up For It OR Read my Up For IT review

Get It ON - Adult Matchmaker - Find Your Sexual MatchGet It ON

Get It ON will give you a unique matchmaking opportunity. Find your sexually compatible match on Get It On. This will be the last quiz you will have to do here – and it only takes a minute. After that you will be presented with people who are looking for the same thing. This is really neat time saver. Don’t miss your target here – try Get It ON.

Click here to go to Get It ON OR Read my Get It ON review

No Strings Attached - NSA - Adult Dating SitesNo Strings Attached

I’ve saved the best for the last spot on this adult dating sites list. No Strings Attached comes from AFF family of sites. It is however, a separate database of users who are looking for NSA fun. It is intended to serve married personals in a discreet setting, but everyone are welcome on it. Singles or attached people from around the world and having mad fun on this NSA dating site. You will love it for sure. Have a good time!

Click here to visit No Strings Attached OR Read my No Strings Attached Review

Adult Dating Sites Wrap-Up

There you have it. As I said earlier – there are only that many adult dating sites that can be trusted. Seriously, trying these is like walking the mine field. You never know what will happen… Anyway, you have my trusted list here. You should be fine on any of the above. Use your common sense and take it easy. Don’t rush and show respect to people you meet on these adult dating sites.

Have a great time!



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