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No Strings Attached (NSA) is the best affair and casual dating site on this trusted affair websites list. I have no doubt you will love it. It is my personal favorite and the most recommended married dating site by many of my regular readers. Discover discreet sex dating and romance for married people here. Rediscover the thrill of new romance and secret passionate encounters! It’s fun and safe to find an affair here. Your privacy is well protected. Find married people looking to meet you in your area fast and easy. Join the fastest growing married affairs community today.

No Strings Attached, an outstanding affair website, is available internationally – everywhere!

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An Essential Guide To Affair Websites

Before you do anything else read this short guide to affair sites. Skip this on your own risk!

Affair web sites are many. You will find more than twenty verified affair sites mentioned on this site. In addition to that, there are nearly two hundred active websites where you can have affairs today. Aside from affair websites, married affairs are easy to find on casual dating sites, adult dating sites, millionaire dating sites, gay and lesbian dating sites as well as niche dating sites. It’s a world of opportunities out there.

Why Would You Date On An Affair Website

You already know that there is a huge number of dating websites where you can have an affair today. However, there are several advantages to staying on affair websites trail. You have landed on this site with that idea and I suggest you try to stay with it.

  • Affair websites offer additional privacy and safety features

I don’t need to tell you why is this important. Dating websites come with various forms of privacy protection, but only affair sites really care about it.

  • Affair websites are dedicated to married personals

You are much safer when you mingle with people who share the risk of affair. They will understand you perfectly. They will not put you in danger.

  • Affair websites help you cheat

The best affair sites out there are your ally in your affair. Their business is to keep you happy and they work hard to help you find a perfect affair partner.

And these are just a few random benefits that work for you on extramarital affair sites. There are numerous advantages to dating on an affair website when you are looking for an affair.

There are several things that you have to be aware of before you join any of them. Honestly, great many of them are simple scams, many are just ghost towns praying on your money and there are poorly managed ones that will put you in danger. Do not try your luck just about anywhere if you don’t want to get caught having an affair.

How To Recognize A Good Affair Website

Top affair sites are not that many. Only a few stand out. You will find a few that I recommend below. If you decide to find one on your own, pay attention to these things:

Good affair website will have plenty of people looking for affairs on it. Well, this one is obvious, if you see only a few people in your city, you should look for it someplace else. Don’t even try it there, you have many other places to try.

Good affair website will have at least a few years of experience in business. Yes, a new affair website can be a good one, but you don’t have to be the one to try it. First, there will be a very few members on it. Second, more often than not, these sites don’t make it and you can never know what will happen with your profile when they change their business model.

Good affair website will give you plenty privacy options and a privacy guarantee. If they show that they are concerned with your safety you want to be their friend. Check their terms when signing up.

Good affair website will give you an option to delete your profile. You don’t want to leave footprints. These can hurt you years later.

What Not To Look For On An Affair Website

Don’t look for a free affair website when looking for an affair online. First of all, there are none. Second, even if there was one – you don’t want to be on it. People who date on free websites can’t afford to have an affair. Period. If someone is cheap to invest into security of a paid and well managed dating website, how is that person going to take care of the rest of affair expenses. These sites are darn cheap! All of them give you option to join and try it before you subscribe.

You can expect to find someone for casual encounters, but don’t think it will be a quick and easy deal. Most people are very careful when cheating. If they are offering to meet you after the first message, you will be safer to give it a pass.

Don’t expect to find people who are honest about their true identity on an affair website. That would be just silly. And you should use some kind of disguise. An avatar of some sort. You can use your real picture, but change your name and details somewhat.

Don’t look for someone who will be there for you 24 hours a day. If you get into an affair you have to respect the other person’s time and duties. Don’t expect your messages to be answered in minutes.

What to be aware of when joining an affair website

Many affair sites aggregate profiles across their network of sites in the same niche. You will find profiles from people who joined on another website. This is quite common practice and nothing to worry about. This way they can offer more people to you to choose from.

Many affair sites have fake user profiles in public area. Because of specific nature of affair websites, they don’t show real profiles to free members or on the homepage of their site. This is a good thing. You don’t want to find yourself on the front page of a busy website. Some of them actually offer some sort of incentive to members who want to be featured. If there are no people who want to do it, they will hire models. On the other side, if there are real members who wish to be exposed this way, they will be all about it.

You will find some spam on almost every dating website today. Affair websites are not an exception. Better sites are cleaner. As you wander off to poor managed ones, you will see more of this. Get ready for people offering all sorts of service, including sex workers and affair support services like alibi etc. It’s an old problem and these affair sites are actively fighting it. Important point here is that you are not exposed to these beyond what they see in your profile – build your profile with this in mind. If anything seems suspicious – report them asap. Reporting features usually work well on these websites and management will deal with the pest really fast. This is why I always recommend staying on a better affair site.

Where to have an affair online

The purpose of this website is to give you ideas where to find affair partners online. You will find many affair websites reviewed here. If you don’t see it listed here, it’s either a new website or not trusted for one reason or another.

The Best Affair Website

No Strings Attached - The Best Affair Website - Affair WebsitesNo Strings Attached

No Strings Attached Website - Affair Dating Sites - Affair Websites


You have the greatest chances to find an affair on No Strings Attached. This dating site is an absolute authority in online affairs with a great company to back it up (Penthouse). These guys know how to value a customer. They will take care of you well. Anything you need will be there and waiting for you.

  • Meet 3.5 million active members on NSA.
  • 20 000 people looking for affairs are joining No Strings Attached every week. With that many potential affair partners you will find someone near you in no time.
  • All the features on NSA have a purpose to make it easier for you to find an affair. No fluff and distractions.
  • People who are on No Strings Attached know exactly what it is – you will find only people who are already looking for you!

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A Quick Guide To No Strings Attached

For many of you this will sound like a common sense. Yet, I have gathered several thousand emails from people who have no clue how to use dating websites. If you need a few pointers, take a look at this short guide to success on No Strings Attached and similar affair websites.

  • Build an alternative personality and stick to it. When you join an affair website you want to make your profile look human. Don’t get into some cartoon character or celebrity trip here. Build your avatar similar to real you, but keep all the personal data away from this profile. Use photos and be generous with details in your profile. When you have your profile finished read and remember it. This will be you whenever on that affair website. Nobody is completely honest here. But if your story is changing all the time, many potential affair partners will stay away.
  • Don’t look like a horny teenager if you want to meet someone in person. Affairs are serious risk for most people. They will stay away from anyone who doesn’t look trustworthy. They will run away from kids. It’s natural to have desires, it’s not natural to scream about it on your profile. Write what you are looking for, but have some class. Be subtle and playful for the greatest effect.
  • Show them what you’ve got. Be especially descriptive about your personality. You can be honest here. It will save you some time in a long run. People love when they are told what to expect.
  • Tell them what are you after – honestly! The most important part of affair dating is to let people know what do you expect from them. This is a big one, so don’t be shy or vague here. The number of people who will respond to you depends on this detail.
  • Search and contact people who are near you and compatible with your goals. Don’t try to woo someone here. Don’t waste your time trying to change someone’s mind. Read their profile carefully and contact them only if you think this can work.
  • Be personal! Another big point – don’t copy/paste your message and send it to a hundred women or men out there. That will never work. Again, read the profile and show them that you are interested.
  • Move slowly and be smart. You can’t have it in an hour. Affairs need time to grow and happen. You have to earn trust and affection first. If everything clicks it will come. Don’t push it and don’t assume that your partner is ready. Talk about it and be honest about what you think. Be careful not to scare them.
  • Use the affair website in your advantage. They all have a number of features that makes it easier and safer for you. Use these – you are paying for them!

No Strings Attached in particular has fourteen years of experience in this business. They are giving you all the tools and options you need to keep your privacy a secret. And they understand how important is this for you. They will give you options to:

  • Make private phone calls (PrivateCalls®™) through their system. Without showing your real number or leaving footprints on your computer.
  • Use 100% anonymous email system.
  • Build completely private profile and control who can see it.
  • Keep your real identity a secret at all times.

No Strings Attached comes as the most highly recommended affair dating site today. You are making the right choice joining it.

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Married Affair Sites

You are welcome to try other sites on my short list of discreet and verified Affair Websites. These are dedicated to married but looking personals. If you want to find someone who is married and dating, this is where you want to go. Find an affair on one of these extramarital dating sites today:

Be Naughty - Affair Dating Sites - Affair WebsiteBe Naughty

Affairs on Be Naughty are real, safe and easy to find. You will see that on BeNaugthy everyone plays the naughty game. And that’s what makes it special. People join it with a promise they will be allowed to break from boring routine. Well, that’s exactly what you get. And that’s why Be Naughty has almost the highest recommendation from me. It’s mad fun and there are more than enough people to jam your schedule.

You get all the goodies as on any site here. Be Naughty tops it up with their own spice and then some. You will meet many people who are only into online play. If this is not what you are after move to the next one. If you want some flirt and camera action you will have that more than enough on BeNaughty. Take someone home or have online fun on Be Naughty, it’s really fun and easy.

Click here to try Be Naughty for free | Read my BeNaughty review

Affair Websites - Lonely Cheating Wives Lonely Cheating Wives

Looking for desperate housewives? Lonely Cheating Wives is the place to go. You will get three days free access to this wife dating site – without obligation today. You should use this chance to meet lonely cheating wives in your neighborhood. Lay low or go all out about your infidelity – your privacy level is up to you. This affair website gives you a money back guarantee if you don’t hook up. You will find that their community is very active and different in many ways. Give it a try!

Lonely Cheating Wives, wife dating site, is available only in The United States. Visitors from other countries should try No Strings Attached – the biggest international affair website.

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Ashley Madison - Affair Websites - Have an affair today!Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is definitely a winner and one of the largest affair website today. You will find that it is by far the most active married dating community. These guys made cheating easier than ever. With their 100% Affair Guarantee you simply can’t fail! It’s free to join. Discretion is their top priority – you will be protected at all times. You must check out Ashley Madison if you want to find an affair – the easy and safe way!

Ashley Madison, one of the best marital affair websites, is available in The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and Australia.

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There are many more places where you can find married but dating personals on the internet today. These are not reserved only for married dating seekers. Still, many sites are great places to find spicy affairs. If you are married but don’t mind to hook up with single affair partner, your options are many.

One thing to remember is that not every dating site out there welcomes married personals. Some of them have policies where they ban members that are found to be in a relationship. Be ready to lie and keep yourself safe.

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There are many more sites where you can have an affair. Check out some of these hot dating sites lists:

And then, read my Discreet Affair blog and share this page with your friends if you can (don’t be foolish to share it with an account where your spouse can see your shared updates!).